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Haunted Poveglia History - Poveglia Location


Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy.

It has an unfortunate history and is considered by some to be a raging blot for ghosts. During Roman times them was wont to isolate thousands of plague victims, and during the three functions once the black plague bedcover through Europe, the Poveglia Island was efficaciously used as a lazaret. It was believed an effective way of restraining the contaminated citizenry separated from the healthy.

When the first off eruption by bubonic plague breezed through Europe, the amount of dead and dying in the city of Venice became unendurable. The bodies were accumulating, the stench was oppressive, and something had to be done.

As it become worse, the local authorities decided to use Poveglia as a dumping ground for the diseased bodies.

The dead were hauled to the Poveglia Island and dumped in large pits or burned on huge bonfires. As the plague tightened its grip, people panicked, and those showing the slightest symptoms of the Black Death were dragged screaming from their homes.

These living victims, including children and babies, were taken to the Poveglia Island and thrown away into the pits of rotting corpses, where they were left to die in agony. As many as 160,00 crucified bodies were disposed of over the years.

Small Island floating in the lagoons of Venice

The soil on the Poveglia Island, combined with the charred remains of some of the bodies, formed a layer of sticky ash on the land. The top layer of ash has dried in the sun to form a fine dust that swirls in the air and enchants in lungs. Part of the island core consists of a level from human stays. Fishermen avoid this area, as the chances of catching a body part or two are high.


Haunted Poveglia History – Poveglia Peste Nera


Peste Nera? It is the Poveglia Black Death. During 13th century, Black Death consumed much of Europe. Poveglia is the active spot during that time. Nowadays, many believe Poveglia Island is almost a living, breathe, and evil entity even a ghost spot.

Poveglia has an unfortunate history and is considered to be a hot spot for ghosts.

Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy. The island of Poveglia formerly called Popilia due to the polar trees that were widespread on the island. The island had its own government and a thriving little community till the war with Genova in 1380.

Who knows the beautiful Poveglia, in the Venetian Lagoon during the day turn out horror and the most fearful during the night and have spooky history. About five miles of the coast of Italy is the Poveglia Island, the place that have witness more than 100,000 people have perished. With many deaths, the souls have nowhere to be free but in the island of death, Poveglia.

As you pass by more of the trails, it looks as if the trees are consuming your world. For whatever reason, it is as if the earth wants to consume you and take you with it. Many Venetians are fearful of speaking about such place. The atmosphere is much choking and at times you feel as if you are unwanted.

During Peste Nera, more than one third of Venice's population was decimated by it. Within five days, many victims were dead. The bodies began to pile up in the streets. The swollen decay of the dying would be bricked up within their own homes. Anyone who tried to escape would be murdered on the spot.

Plague Pits, the graves where the victims would be buried. On that point are so many victims began to pile up, that many were hauled into pits, some while still alive. They would then burn. Since there were so many victims, the solution was to bring the victims to the island of Poveglia.

Without proper burials, the spirits of these lost souls still linger. Many Venetians are respectful of the dead, and will usually not step foot on this Poveglia Island. In fact, many refuse to go here. Even to ask a Venetian to take you to the Poveglia Island, they not only view you as though you are mad, but almost with curiosity. The water surrounding the Poveglia Island still dredges up the bones of the dead by fishermen.

The reports of haunting on the Poveglia Island started after the plague, when hundreds of people were taken to the island and abandoned to die. Napoleon cared little for ghosts in his time there, but when a mental hospital was built on the Poveglia, the cruel doctor tortured his patients, and laughed at their stories of ghosts until he went mad himself, and threw himself from the bell tower on the island.